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  • Side Glow Fiber Optic 5mm PMMA Solid Core Lighting Cable

Side Glow Fiber Optic 5mm PMMA Solid Core Lighting Cable

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5mm Solid Core Side Glow PMMA Fiber Optic Lighting Cable Sold By meter feet for LED Light Guide

What is this?
The 5mm Solid Core Side Glow Fiber Optic Lighting Cable is used for creating a beautiful lighting atmosphere. Widely used for the coffee house, swimming pool, home, park, etc...

What will I get?
The fiber optic cable PMMA side glow, we provide here, is in the size of:
Type: Solid;
Material: PMMA;
Fiber Diameter: 5mm;
Fiber Length: 1 meter / 3.28 feet;
Operation Temperature: 0 to 180 Fahrenheit
In the package of 1 x Heatsink

Material: PMMA
Refractive index: 1.49
Working temperature: - 20 ° ~ 70 °
Light attenuation (dB / km): ≤ 350 (650mm)
Numerical aperture: 0.5
Maximum acceptance angle: 60 °
Radius of curvature: 30mm

Fiber optic light is a new type of lamp that saves energy and can be artistically shaped. It combines a high-brightness side-emitting plastic optical fiber filament bundle, with one end or both ends with high-brightness colorful sources. In the role of electronic control devices, can transform different colors. Because of energy-saving, beautiful, durable, fiber optic lights are widely used in car interiors, new home decoration, hotels, bars and clubs, holiday parties, wedding banquets, building wall light decoration, it is colorful, stylish gorgeous, dynamic, Elegant.

Are there any advantages of the product?
The optical fiber emits bright color (light source is not included here), with good optical conductivity, and is flexible enough.

How to use it?
Put the fiber cable into your led light gap first, then create the shape that you need.

What should I notice?
The light source needs to be purchased separately, here is not included.
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