• Digital Optical Fiber Splitter 1 in 2 Out Toslink Fiber Optical Cable Splitter  

Toslink Digital Optical Fiber Splitter 1 in 2 Out

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Room Saving SPDIF Digital Optical Cable Splitter-Toslink Cable Splitter-1 in 2 out

Key Features
  • Digital Optical Splitter: Optical fiber audio adapter splitter allows you to connect one optical audio source and split it into clear two signals through this fiber splitter
  • Fiber Splitter 1 in 2 Out: Note: It supports 1 male input to 2 female outputs at same time; If 2 female inputs to 1 male output, you need turn off one female inputs device,2 female inputs can‘t work at the same time,or will interfere and cause noise
  • Optical Splitter: Ideal for connecting your CD/DVD player, or other digital audio source to receiver and recorder, it saves on the wear of constant plug and unplug of fiber optical cables.
  • Fiber Optic Splitter: Adopted 24k Gold interface, low-loss Fiber optic, low-jitter synthetic fiber and metal interface bring excellent sound quality experience. Please note the TV's interface if suitable with the optic square interface before purchase.
  • Audio Cable Splitter: Toslink Digital Fiber Optical Splitter 1 in 2 Out Audio Cable,For CD/DVD/PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox one/Xbox One S. Package include:1xFiber Optic Splitter
  • Digital Optical Splitter: Passive splitting, no USB POWER SUPPLY REQUIRED, money saving.

Compatible with:  
  • DVD/CD Player to power amplifier
  • Computer to power amplifier
  • PS3/PS4/HDVD to power amplifier
  • Digital TV/STB to power amplifier
  • Suitable for Samsung / Sony / Sharp / Whaley / JVC / Philips/LG TVs and more
  • Suitable for Sony and Yamaha DVD/BD players, Yamaha and Denon /Marantz Home Theater receivers.

How to use?
  • [1 Input 2 Output] Use the Male port as input port and the 2 Female port as output port, you can connect 2 output devices work at the same time, such TV to soundbar and audio receiver.
  • [2 Input 1 Output] Use the 2 Female port as input ports and the Male port as output port, you can only connect one input device with the Female ports at one time, the 2 Female ports CANNOT be used as input ports at the same time
Any questions, please contact us. 

To express our gratitude of customer supporting, customers who purchase the 1 to 2 Spdif Toslink Splitter will get an upgrade item of 1 to 3 Spdif Toslink Splitter which include:

  • 1x Optical Audio Switch 1x3
  • 1x USB Power Supply Cable
  • 1x Toslink Optical Cable
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